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trinityIoT Value Loop

Trinity IoT Value Loop, a framework to harness disruptive digital technologies in an integrated manner and deliver the full value of Internet of Technologies (IoT) � From Sense to Act.

Our IP Solutions around Sensor Instrumentation, Device Cloud, Analytics , Application Bundles and Service Automation enable us to process the IoT information through the various stages, create value and deliver transformation

5 ways how value loop is decoded

Trinity Internet-Connected Sensor Systems is a simple plug & play solution to deploy sensors and collect data. The product combine off the shelf sensor, wireless connectivity and connects to cloud . Various type of models are available to suit the deployment sites and environments.

WiFi Mote
Makes your sensors smart & connected
IoT Appliance
Enables connectivity to your remote equipments
IoT Gateway
Connects disparate sensors & Control systems

Trinity Device Cloud software manages the communication between the Cloud Platform and IoT Gateway & Devices and aggregates the data, regardless of location or network. It makes connecting remote assets easy, providing all of the tools to connect, manage and store information in a secure manner.

IoT Hub
Securely collects & aggregates sensor data
BIG Data
Stores your volumetric data to analyze

Trinity Analytics Software deliver the augmented intelligence which process data into actionable insights. Complex Event Processing (CEP) processes and analyses data in motion on real-time basis driving decision making & timely action. Custom Rule Engines correlate stream data & generates alerts.

Stream Analytics
Aggregates & processes real-time data
Rules Engine
Verifies & Validates the data in motion
Machine Learning
Correlates & Predict the insights

Trinity Application software bundles provides user dashboard, Map visualization, reporting & analysis. One-platform many-applications framework provide All-In-One digital platform tailored to address various use cases across industries. Foundation for ready-to-go platform.

Custom Dashboard
Customizable DIY visualization dashboard
SOP & Workflow
Enables enterprise specific workflow & operations
Map Analysis
Map based visualization & analysis

Trinity Augmented behavior software provides the ability to automate action through Mobile Reporting � Mobile Apps to integrate service workforce, Real-time Notifications � SMS/Email and Control of devices through edge computing without the need for manual intervention.

Mobile App
Connecting the workforce through Mobile Apps
Promptly alert & generate notifications
Automates the controls through Edge Analytics

Pre-integrated bundled Application Platforms

Connected Cities

trinityICCC - Integrated Command & Control Center Platform

Trinity Smart Cities Framework enables Cities to Build a City Level Digital Platform that can integrate City Data from various connected systems � City Vehicle, Sensors from City Roadside Infrastructure & City Buildings, aggregate, store and analyze the data in a manner that can be easily consumed by City Applications & Citizen.

Further the Digital Platform serves as a foundation for City Administration to build City Operations Center through which the city Administrators can monitor & operate the various city services Intelligently & efficiently.

Emergency Response

Emergency Response Management System

IoT based platform for public safety to deliver the citizen emergency services.

Solid Waste Management

City Garbage Collection Management System

IoT based platform for enabling a sustainable Waste Management and clean city.

Intelligent Transport

Real-time Passenger Information System

IoT based platform for public bus transport operations and enabling citizen mobility.

Social Analytics

Social Collaboration & Intelligence

IoT based Analytics platform for monitoring social sentiments and engaging with citizen.

Connected Premises

trinityIoT - Premises Monitoring Platform

Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming Premises Operations as it seeks to apply new technology to improve a multitude of areas including operations, security, safety, asset management and the increasingly important customer experience.

Bundled IoT Cloud Platform that connect & collect data from any type of premises sensor & devices, process and analyze data and powered by ready to go premises applications.



Equipment Maintenance

Energy Management

Proximity Sensing

Connected Logistics

trinityIoT - Transport & Logistics Platform

Bundled IoT Cloud Platform that connect & collect data from any type of sensor & devices across the logistics supply and demand side , process and analyze data and bundled with Transport and Logistics applications.

All-in-one Platform for Transport and logistics with integrated IoT for sensing and shaping demand and building & adapting supply chain that will result in improved capacity, efficiency, reliability & lower cost.

Route Optimization

Environment Monitoring

Goods Tracking

ETA & Notifications

Return Management

Connected Equipment

trinityIoT - Equipment Monitoring Platform

Bundled IoT Cloud Platform that connect & collect data from any type of equipment, process and analyze data and integrated with equipment monitoring application.

All-in-one Platform for equipment monitoring with integrated IoT for smart way of managing equipment through continuous condition monitoring and predictive maintenance resulting in overall equipment efficiency and high degree of customer satisfaction.

Predictive Maintenance



Service Automation

Revenue Stream

Connected Workforce

trinityIoT - Mobile Workforce Platform

Mobile workforce platform that integrates the workforce, data and process. The Platform integrate cloud and mobile technologies in unique way to transform your process digitally and the way your team works.

All-in-one mobile Platform for field workforce supporting location based intelligence, automation of daily activities, provide real-time situational awareness and enable decision making.

Location Intelligence

Response Management

Calendar, Tasks & Notes


Hours of service



Honeywell Makes Significant Investment in Trinity Mobility

Business Model


Microsoft Azure IoT Hub & Cloud service and INTEL Commercial IoT Gateway.


Deployment Model

Can be deployed as a Cloud SaaS Platform OR On-Premise

Sensor Systems

Ready to deploy sensor packs purpose built with sensor ecosystem

24 x 7 Global

Enabled by advanced provisioning and monitoring support system

We are born digital.

We build digital platforms that transform the way we live and work.

Our IP led technologies and solutions harness disruptive digital technologies - Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and IoT (SMACT) in an integrated manner.

M Ashok Kumar, Founder & CEO, also known as MAK, is widely recognized & quoted for his thought leadership and strategic business initiatives in India and globally. He has held leading positions at HCL and brings over 30 years of management and leadership experience. He has in-depth experience in different aspects of Management functions � Technology, Sales, Business Development, Marketing, HR & Finance and has executed many transformational engagements from conceptualizing ideas to building them successfully.