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Our Platform, Systems, and Applications



trinityIOT - IoT & AI Digital Platform

An IoT & AI-based digital platform enables Integration & processing of data from sensor & application system using built-in BI & AI Engine

trinityICCC- Integrated Command & Control Center System

It provides the city operators with complete situational awareness of the city incidents and enables the city using real-Time dashboards & data visualisation capabilities.

trinityANALYST - Data Analytics & AI Applications

Predictive policing is an AI-based application for Crime prediction and Optimizing police presence.

trinityENGAGE - Citizen Engagement Systems

It provides information on a real- time basis about the city & can mobilise emergency services like the Police, Fire, and Medical.

trinityMOBILE - Mobile Workforce Management System

It is a mobility enablement system that integrates the public safety agencies, provides them with all the insights for insights to quickly carry out emergency operations & is based on MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Servie)

trinityDATA - Open Data Portal

It enables city authorities to share the data with the community that can be anaylsed to launch innovative services that improve liveability of the city.

trinityRESPOND - Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System

It enables end-to-end emergency management operations with various user personas such as call taker, dispatcher, first responder, supervisor, and feedback operators.

Smart Applications

These applications that incorporate data-driven & actionable insights for cities & communities.


These help in communicating data to other systems like mobile apps & software for opertional assistance.

High Five: Growing with Partnership

Software Release and Support Process


Trinity Plan-Build-Run project life cycle management address all the stages of Design, Build, Implement, Operate and Support. These services are based on using the industry best practices so that the project can be executed on time and right the first time.

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Trinity Innovation at Work


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IoT Global Awards 2021 Shortlist

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Honeywell Makes Significant Investment in Trinity Mobility
Honeywell Makes Significant Investment in Trinity Mobility

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