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AI applications in Smart Cities

Submitted by admin on Mon, 12/19/2022 - 18:44

Modern cities are undergoing digital transformation using IoT and AI based technologies. These advanced technologies deployed within cities help in mitigating disaster and pollution risks, ensuring citizen safety, managing waste effectively, reducing traffic jams, etc. The use of technology in upscaling digital infrastructure of a city requires connected and intelligent networks that can seamlessly process data. Internet of Things (IoT) is a "smart" solution that supports these technological developments.

Why are Digital Twins pressing priorities for modern living?

Submitted by admin on Fri, 12/09/2022 - 16:39

Digital Twins are used to analyze and simulate the real-world counterparts in various environments and scenarios, allowing businesses to better understand and optimize the performance of their products and processes. This can help to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and make more informed decisions. Digital twins can also be used for predictive maintenance, enabling businesses to identify potential issues and take corrective action before they become serious problems.  

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